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phone.gen.in is proud to give our stamp of approval to each and every one of our products. And we mean it - all of our goods go through rigorous quality control checks during and after the manufacturing process. This is to ensure their safety, endurance and ability to get the job done. If you have any questions about our process or want to speak with a service rep, please contact us today.



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About phone.gen.in

First you need to find exactly what you need to help you repair your device.

1) You have a damaged phone such an HTC, Apple, Samsung or other device.

2) Do not open your device tablet or smartphone if you do not have all the required tools before to to repair your damaged phone.

3) It is important to have all the repair tools you need on hand before beginning the process of taking your device apart.

4) We will provide a list of replacement parts including torx screwdrivers that are often needed to repair certain types of tablets and phones before you to order. A safe open pry tool, an adhesive strip, and a disassemble guide would help you to repair your phone and will come with your order.

5) We have a wide range of repair tools that can help you repair screens, flex cables, speakers, buttons, and more on almost any type of device. We offer mobile phone and tablet repair tool kits that will include a selection of screwdrivers and pry tools to assist you with any type of repair. You can also order your mobile phone and tablet repair tools individually to purchase only the items you need.


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