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Trust The low cost Drop Shipping Experts directly from Mainland China.

DELIVERY2.COM has made a name for ourselves as a highly respected small size Packaging Shipment Specialist in China. DELIVERY2.COM is a service provider in China for drop shipping.

We are committed to maintaining efficient communications and simplification of the process for your convenience.

With online stores like yourself we will warehouse your products, supply chain management and global shipping from China. With FREE warehousing for your small items, we are confident to expand your business with more profitability for your company. We also provide customized value-added services including assembly, customized package and business inserts. If your manufacturer is in China, Great or if your current order fulfillment provider is too costly, why not partner with us and you would be able to ship directly from China and cut your current cost drastically?



Shipping from China to USA can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. With our many years of industry experience, Delivery2 can meet all your specific shipping requirements according to your personal business goals for efficient and timely shipping, every single time.

Delivery2 is an integrated Factory Broker Agent and a Drop Shipping forwarder. Our logistics experts are skilled in flagging and regulating any unforeseen situations before they get out of control, guaranteeing minimal risks.

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Drop Shipping from China to USA

Why You Need it Now to deliver with DELIVERY2.com


Delivery2.com offers premium shipping and logistics solutions at LOW COST to all businesses looking to drop ship small items from China to USA. We are making inroads worldwide for our professional and reliable services and prompt deliveries in the USA but also almost everywhere.


A growing group of small online stores desires cheaper delivery in order to remain more competitive in a highly price sensitive environment for drop shipments.

Stress-free drop-shipping

You can trust us to deliver to your clients safely and on time and in a cost-efficient manner because we know the importance of you staying ahead of the curve.

DELIEVERY2.com would like to become your reliable partner, we take the time to understand your business objectives and serve you accordingly. 

Our Products


DELIVERY2.COM is not in the instant delivery market. A number of business models have emerged so far, differing in terms of their monetarization models as well as their positioning along the value chain of last-mile services. However, costs for this service are relatively high, and our research suggests that consumers’ willingness to pay significant premiums for higher service levels is fairly low. Consequently, successful models for tapping into additional sources of revenue that subsidize delivery cost will likely prove a differentiating factor in this field.

From a cost point of view, instant service can only be economically viable if the right product is available in the proximity of the recipient, which excludes many rural areas from this service. For longer distances – more than roughly 5 to 10 km – costs are simply too high and willingness to pay is too low. Due to the high variability of demand and the point-to-point characteristics of the service, crowdsourcing has often been touted as the most likely operating model. 



What are you waiting for?

Now enter the world of hassle-free drop shipping with DELIVERY2.COM!

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We have a solution for any challenge

We welcome smaller items to be drop-shipped from our Guangzhou location.

A growing group of clients desires faster and cheaper delivery, most decisions to work with delivery2.com are highly price sensitive.

For the majority of our clients, price remains the key decision criterion

Trends are fundamentally the same in all countries and categories,

Our customers want direct delivery from China to the USA.

Small electronics

Homeware and small household appliances

Apparel and accessories

Get ready for a world where China will conduct the most deliveries than any other countries.

Opportunity cost determine our customer decision to go with Delivery2.com.
More than 50 percent of online buyers choose delivery options merely based on price while another 20 prefer the cheapest available option of home delivery.


Our Products

Guaranteed Quality and Great Prices


The cost of global parcel delivery, excluding pickup, line-haul, and sorting, amounts to ~ EUR 70 billion, with China, Germany, and the United States accounting for more than 40 percent of the market.


Contact our North and South American desk in Panama City for your drop shipping inquiries in China:
+507 60080000

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